Monday, 7 May 2012


Pity the student Our Man. He ain't so hot at mathematics, but he's passable at history. See, he remembers WAY BACK IN DECEMBER that Japan was going to buy 42 F-35 invisible planes from their Operation Tomodachi pals for ¥420 billion, give or take a couple of billion. Seems now the price tag has gone up to ¥802 billion ($10 billion) according to the US Defense Department, AS REPORTED by Kyodo in the Japan Times on Saturday. Gee, you'd think nearly doubling the price would raise a few red flags, if not white ones.

But as Our Man says, he's not so good with numbers. Sure, 42 is the meaning of life, according to Douglas Adams, but according to Our Man, that's not a lot of invisible planes. Let's see, a third of these will be in the shop getting new oil filters and printer cartridges at any one time, which leaves 28 to defend the nation. Presumably they will be operating a shift system to cover the 24 hours, so that would be nine planes in each eight hour shift. Probably less during Golden Week.

Given these austere times, Our Man could probably sell a couple of invisible planes for a lot less, if anyone asked him.

Pic lifted from here.

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