Sunday, 18 March 2012


In amongst Our Man's travels to flog his latest book, Reconstructing 3/11 (remember?), he came across this video. Vonnegut was maybe the first author Our Man discovered who was fun to read and seemed to have something worth saying. Until Vonnegut, Our Man didn't know you could do both.

Our Man's next project is to publish his novel, Half-Life 2:46. One more round of rewrites and edits should be enough to get it to the stage where Our Man will be proud to put his name to it, and that it will be fun to read and have some other more intangible or unexpected worth. That it inadvertently inspires a reader to cure cancer would be cool, but at least to turn the sodding television off for an evening or two would be a victory Our Man would raise a glass of 7-Eleven Chile wine to.

Speaking of drinks, may Our Man plug Joanne Greenway's first book, The Teas that Bind, which Our Man has just bought. He shall be doing a Q&A with Jo once he's read enough to ask a sensible question or two.

Carry on.

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