Sunday, 5 February 2012


So, blogging is dead and social media and your ebook platform are all that matter in the online world. Well, at this time in the morning, Our Man is feeling decidedly anti-social and unprepared for any train of thought (platforms, do keep up) beyond that which leads from his Bordeaux to his bed.

But he is glad to say a few projects are moving along nicely. After racing through the beta reader process in a under a week, he's taking readers' comments seriously and is leisurely reworking the novel Half-Life 2:46, now in it's fifth or sixth draft, Our Man forgets, with a little help from his editor.

Our Man's learnt a few things along the way. One is that there are no shortcuts. Our Man skimped on the character backstory process and various other bits too tedious to mentions here, suffice to say kids, less haste means more speed.

But... there is the small matter of the anniversary of the March 11th disaster coming up, and Our Man would like to have the novel out for publication by then, along with the 3/11 anniversary ebook. 

Is this all riding the coattails of the disaster for fun and profit?

Our Man sincerely hopes not. The 3/11 anniversary project is a serious attempt at independent journalism to explain what has and hasn't happened since the disaster. And the novel, while not so serious, does tackle some serious themes that need tackling about 3/11 and what it means to be a foreigner in Japan and identity and stuff. And there's a shopping bicycle chase scene.

The fact is, the world's attention will be focussed on Japan for a fleeting moment once more on March 11th, 2012, and after that it will be back to how social media has changed the world beyond all recognition, such as US Presidential elections, Wall Street greed and our collective intelligence --nothing of substance, obviously.

So, this slim window is Our Man's moment to make his mark.

That is all.

Oh, not quite all. Our Man redesigned the blog a bit. Although he liked the Dynamic Views deal from blogger, it didn't allow him to post bits and bobs from his agent provocateurs around the web... and he always wanted to edit a red top.