Tuesday, 7 February 2012


So, Our Man survived his brush with fame (still awaiting the fortune) with TV Asahi yesterday. Our Man was interviewed to talk up Quakebook and how foreigners got information about earthquakes and generally boost awareness for folks who need help.

He fears he got sidetracked and ended up talking about twitter far more than he meant to. But he reserves judgement until the broadcast on Sunday, March 11th. The anniversary, you know? There will be a 10-hour special on it on TV. How much of that will feature Our Man is unclear. He was given the speech about "We don't have much time and we never know what, if anything of the interview will be used." Probably thirty seconds of the five hours of Our Man's life that it took to record him fake-tweeting and meeting strange men in Abiko parks, but whatever.

If it means a couple more people hear about Quakebook then it will be worth it. Maybe.

We'll see what inanity makes it from the cutting room floor. But Our Man has taken pictures and made notes, so we can compare after the fact. Whatever. Our Man tried his best to add a little humour, but it won't be nearly as amusing as this piece of great TV:

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