Thursday, 9 February 2012


Our Man has been clearing the decks ready for action. A few additions even the able-bodied should be aware of:
  • You can now receive your orders directly from Our Man by email at the handy pillbox on the top left.
  • Do make yourself known to the two new blog additions who have joined the fray on the left, It's Not Just Mud and TheKishiCut.
  • Feel free to avail yourself of the Abiko Free Press button on the bar at the top.
  • And see all the folk who have agreed to work on the 3/11 Anniversary Project. Our Man is sure you will agree there are some pretty heavy hitters, even if not all of them are very pretty.
As you were.


@Crank_Dub said...

"... even if not all of them are very pretty."

Stop picking on Dan.

Our Man in Abiko said...


We are all pretty. From a great distance.

Carry on.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I've read your blog. I should have read it earlier. Tons of people ask me if I am you. Reciently, the only other black person I see frequently in Abiko,(an African American Girl) which would be the rare bird in these parts asked me if I were you. Sure I live in Abiko but as you can see my grammar is nowhere up to yours.

Keep up the good work. If you should ever see a black guy in Abiko, with very large bags walking all over the place, that is probably me.

H in Japan

Ourmani Nabiko said...

Will look out for you. Wanna go for a beer, drop Our Man a line. Your grammar's just peachy.