Thursday, 19 January 2012


Probabaly as much to your relief as Our Man's, he's not going to be posting his Daily Snapshot every day as he's got a couple of Very Important Projects on the go (he will still take a picture a day, just not post them everyday - he's not that busy). But he is busy. Just look at tonight:
  1. Do a Q and A with Locohama over his new book
  2. Write a news release for Half-Life 2:46
  3. Send a conglatulatory email to the beta readers who have found yet more holes in his novel manuscript
  4. Download Scrivener so Our Man has some software to format the novel.
  5. Do the two-hour Scrivener tutorial.
  6. Put some more thought into the Abiko Free Press, remember that?
  7. Chase up contributors to the next TOP SECRETish publishing project after his novel.
  8. Sure there was something else.
  9. Get more memory for his Mac.
  10. Yes, but no, that wasn't it. Oh yeah...
Get some bloody sleep.


kamo said...

"he's not going to be posting his Daily Snapshot every day"

BOOOOOO. I want my money back.

Good luck with the rest though. Looks like I'll have a few more decent bits for the 'to read' pile soon enough.

Our Man in Abiko said...

Our Man will post more in a bit. In fact, have done just now.