Sunday, 1 January 2012


So here's Our Man's latest project for the year - to take a snapshot - nothing fancy mind, just something off his phone - that tells a story of each and every day of his 2012. He will post it every day. That's the plan, anyway. He may even write a caption too.

Individually, the shots will probably amount to little more than five minutes of his (and your) time... but the collective merit of the mass of 365 days' worth might be, er, something worth more than each individual part. Our Man has no idea. We all will just have to wait and see... anyway, here's the first instalment:

Our Woman in Abiko holds the family's fortunes from Nenokami Jinja, Abiko. A snip at ¥100 each, Our Eldest's was in the best category, Our Littlest's in the second and Our Man and Woman's were exactly the same - in the worst of the four categories. Ho hum.

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