Thursday, 12 January 2012


The problem with posting a picture a day for a year comes when Our Man's spent 12 hours indoors working (between tweeting, obviously) and by 11pm he realises he hasn't taken a sodding picture all day and it's dark out. Why not go here and look at some good pictures of the last man (and ostrich) standing in the Fukushima no-go zone. Because the only other picture Our Man could possibly take is of a pissing orangutan on the back of his daughter's schoolbook that just happens to be on his desk.

Is orangutan piss the story of the day? Actually no, although if Our Man were a broadsheet columnist, he could probably string out a thousand words on the metaphorical significance of orangutan piss to the situation that Japan finds itself in a la corporate corruption, nuclear nincompoopery and political, er, puissantism.

But he's not, so he won't.

In fact, today was a pretty good one. Our Man has lined up 10 beta readers, good and true (well, breathing at least) who have vowed to give his novel Half-Life 2:46 the once-over before it is released into the Amazon wilds to fend for itself.

And he's making headway on Project X that should make an even greater, er, splash than his novel and... oh sod it. Our Man has gone and written that column that he said he wouldn't.


Bring out the monkey.