Thursday, 5 January 2012


This is the shot of the day. Our Man finished Barry Eisler's The Detachment. And here's a half-ass review because he's gotta save his creative juice for finishing the second draft of his own novel Half-Life 2:46 tonight. Guess you are not supposed to do book reviews as numbered bullet points, but Our Man's in a hurry, and, er, bullets seem apt for the continuing adventures of a half Japanese, half American assassin, John Rain (smooth, like whacha did there - ed.)

  1. It's a page-turner. 
  2. Plenty of twists to keep ya guessing. And character arcs. And locales that Our Man has been to (like a chase scene through the bowels of Kanda, where Our Man used to buy books (back in the far off days before he got this Kindle, er, two weeks ago). And hot half-Japanese soccer moms. 
  3. Good point: It's got high testosterone, gun-toting American Special Ops boys and their toys action throughout.
  4. Bad point: It's got high testosterone, gun-toting American Special Ops boys and their toys action throughout.
  5. Our Man supposes that's the nature of the genre, but he liked the backstory (is that the right term, ed?) of political intrigue that informed all the gun-toting action more and wanted to see more of the conspiracy that was afoot... but, er, he doesn't have clearance to say any more.
  6. Though Our Man made the mistake of reading a few reviews on Amazon and seems some fans were perturbed that there was so much political talk and stuff about US liberties being eroded and the police state and so on. To Our Man, that stuff lifted it from just being a bullet to the head like Rambo III - back when the Ruskies were the baddies and the plucky Muslim braves were the goodies. Remember those days? They really happened, children. But the first Rambo movie, and book, was really good, honest. (No really, it was).
  7. You've got this far, dear reader, so Our Man should fess up: You shouldn't trust a word of this since:
  • Mr Eisler, and yes, he does deserve the courtesy title, was awesome enough to include an advert to Quakebook in the back of the book, for which Our Man is extremely grateful.
  • This is the first John Rain thriller Our Man has read, so he's not qualified to compare it with the other seven in the series.
  • Never trust a reviewer who puts bullet points within bullet points.
Sod it, Our Man has lost the thread here. Bottom line, it's a good read. It gets Our Man's unqualified thumbs up. And if you weren't concerned about the erosion of our civil liberties since 9/11, you will be after reading The Detachment. And, by the way, some great links at the end of the book to the journalism that informs the writing.

As you were.

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