Sunday, 23 October 2011


Our Man was on his way to a Halloween Party for 40 little devils this morning, when he noticed the kids' football club was playing a tournament at his local primary school. Nothing odd there. Except this is the schoolyard they are digging up next month because it's too radioactive for kids to play on.


So why are kids playing an officially sanctioned footy tournament on the grounds? Our Man is not good at logic when he is sober, but all he can come up with is the following:
  1. It's not really dangerous. If so, why are they digging up the topsoil from next month?
  2. It is dangerous. So why encourage kids to play football?     
Our Man can only conclude that, logically speaking, a) the authorities want all future footballers to die, or b) a city councillor has just gone into the soil removal business. 

(There is a Third Way: nobody has a clue what they are doing. Perhaps you should consider that, logically speaking - ed.) 

Monday, 17 October 2011


Season of misinformation and mellow fruitlessness!
Close bosom-friend of the radioactive sum;
Conspiring with TEPCO's record to play on our fears
With Geiger counters round the thatch eaves run;
To bend with incompetence and doubt,
And fill all statements with suspicion to the core;
To swell the profit margin and plump the regulators
With sweet payoffs, to set budding more plants,
And still more, later poison for the generations
Until they think radioactive ash will never cease
For Fukushima fear has o'er-brimmed our clammy selves.

Original poem here. The rework was inspired by the bagging of the last of the persimmons from the tree outside Our Man's bunker. In previous years he would have distributed the fruit to friends and neighbours. The fruit is probably perfectly safe to eat. But "probably" doesn't cut it in these post 3/11 times.

As you were. 

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Can't stay long. Our Man occupied Abiko, but Abiko was preoccupied with the daily grind. Which Our Man is, on his novel, don't you know. But it's getting there. Anyway, saw the above cartoon from here and thought of you. Carry on.

Thursday, 6 October 2011


Occupy Abiko is on for this weekend. The revolution starts at noon, Sunday (weather dependent).

Our Man has no demands, but he does have a BBQ and a tent. You might ask, fellow agent provocateurs, do you have any famous lefties with books and/or movies to flog who will come out to speak and/or flog their latest book and/or movie?

That is a good question, brothers and sisters. But a better one is: Will anyone hang around long enough for the sound of a thousand stories about how the media are ignoring Occupy Abiko to saturate the media? OK, that isn't as good a question as Our Man might have hoped for. Come on, you can do better.

Or, maybe not. Can anyone get Michael Moore or Naomi Klein to explain the significance of Occupy Abiko to Our Man? You can mock, but this is the face of change.

Come to think of it, Our Man is kinda leftie (at times) and will have a book to flog soon. In fact, he has exciting news to report, comrades. Not only is he done with the first draft of his novel, code name Half-Life, but he has started work on the rewrites. Only, er, there are so many, he needs to write an overview of the rewrites before he can rewrite them. Talk about mirrors within mirrors to infinity. Or not.

What can he tell you of the novel? It will feature a hafu heroine (Half-Life - see what he did there?). At least one person dies in the course of the novel (not the editor). If you are looking for a novel featuring the Abiko library, ice skating on the TV and a shopping bicycle chase scene - this is the one you have been (and will continue to have to) wait for. It's all there baby, all there. Only problem is the book is a bit too cinematic (in a shopping bicycle kind of way), needs more details, according to Our Man's still living editor, Dan Ryan. The meat and potatoes are there, it's just lacking the side portion of alfalfa or something.

Our Man will not rest until the alfalfa is inserted where it belongs. After he's finished this blog post and occupied Abiko, obviously.

BTW, you did know you can buy a hardback English language Quakebook and have it shipped anywhere in the world for free? But what do youuuu think?*

*Our Man doesn't care, just buy the sodding book, OK? Screw hypocrisy. Just do it.

Sunday, 2 October 2011


Our Man has finished the first draft of his novel, working title Half-life, or #halflifebook on twitter. But there is still a bucket of rewriting to be done before he can let it loose on the beta readers*, let alone you, gentle non-beta readers. Right now, Our Man is toying with getting the narrator's voice right. Then he'll have to get stuck in to clean up the draft, make sure the characters behave themselves and the story makes some kind of sense. Although he may skip that last bit. Give him a week or two, eh? Anyway, many thanks to Dan Ryan who is labouring away as editor in Brisbane, California, trying to figure out what the hell is going on in the book, as Our Man potters about here.

What's this novel-writing lark all about? Damned if Our Man knows, but he saw the poster, lifted from here, and thought that was something to do with it.

*Not sure what beta readers are, but whatever they are, they will have to wait a bit more.