Saturday, 16 July 2011


One of Our Man's elderly neighbours has a statue of Buddha in her house. She says it predicts earthquakes. Our Mother-In-Law, who is deaf in one ear, could hear it vibrating when she popped round the other day.

This afternoon my neighbour phoned her: "The big one is coming. I'm going to Thailand for a few weeks and then to Paris. I'll see you in a month's time. Please look after yourself."

Our Mother in Law barely said a word at dinner.

Our Woman in Abiko took a more scientific approach to earthquake prediction. She looked at a map of Japan. "They are heading towards us," was her considered opinion. So tomorrow we will put the sleeping bags, spare clothes and tins of nuts back under the stairs for the first time in months.

Of course, none of us has a clue about when and where the next big one will hit, such decisions are made at boardroom level, not on the ground floor, under the stairs. But we peons do what we can: look for links, try to reveal the universal rule, the pattern that will unlock the mysterious behaviour of our higher-ups.

So, what to make of the man-made earthquake ripping though the Murdoch Empire? As of a few hours ago, Rebekah Brooks had resigned, Murdoch had taken out ads in every paper in the UK to apologise to the British public and the Prime Minister had some explaining to do about inviting Murdoch's hatchet man round to Chequers for tea.

What's Murdoch's game plan? Will Parliament be victorious? Here is the Just Cause, now all it takes are a couple of ringleaders to bring the tyrant to heel. Have we got them?

Our Man has no answers, but he will at least have plenty of nuts under the stairs.

Saturday, 9 July 2011


This is the beginning of the end of the Murdoch Empire. If you think Our Man is being overdramatic, that Murdoch always wins in the end, may Our Man respectfully suggest: You are wrong. Consider:
  1. The News of the World, the Murdoch Sunday tabloid, sister paper to the biggest selling Sun had been caught hacking into murder victims' phones and deleting messages to free space so more people could leave messages. Illegal and immoral.
  2. This is just the beginning of the damning revelations to come.
  3. Advertisers have been deserting the Murdoch tabloid in droves.
  4. News International, the Murdoch company that owns a third of the world's media, knows the damage done to their "brand" is so severe, they shut the paper. Forever.
  5. There are connections from its former editor all the way to No. 10, where he served as the Prime Minister's press secretary.
  6. People are going to serve jail time over this.
Since 1979, when the Sun plumped for Thatcher, Murdoch has decided every British General Election. But for the first time in Our Man's life, having Murdoch's support is a liability. Ask any Egyptian, the cynicism of the tyrant is not enough to beat the truth that we all know:

Murdoch's time is up.

Don't believe me? Check this Podcast out.

Secret handshake here for the video of Dennis Potter.

Monday, 4 July 2011


Radiation chart bigger here.

So, a week or so ago Fuji TV got wind that Abiko is a hotspot of radiation and sent a crew out to prove this. Which they duly did - they found radiation danger of 9.0 micro sieverts per hour in a puddle of rainwater in Our Man's neighbour's garden. For the record: Our Man thought that was high. Very high. A lot higher than the air radiation he has measured in his own backyard - 0.24 micro sieverts per hour.

Our Man could pretend he understands radiation, but he doesn't really. But he knows a chap who does, Agent J of who kindly responded to Our Man's quest for intel, and here it is:

In other words: chill, people.

Our Man didn't ask Agent J about the story that was doing the rounds over the weekend about Cesium being found in the urine of children in Fukushima, but Our Man would hazard a guess that the levels are miniscule. That's not to lessen the horror of it, but methinks the kids will suffer more through life by the social stigma or fear that "they are radioactive!" than the reality, which is that probably they are fine.

That's not to say that TEPCO, the firm that "managed" the Fukushima plant should get off lightly. They are at best incompetent, at worst wittingly careless, ie evil scum. See here for report about what really happened at the reactor.

Meanwhile, let's not forget thousands of folk still without homes and a livelihood are in need of our support now. Perspective, people.