Friday, 16 December 2011


There are times when Our Man is happy to be out of the loop, and times when he wishes he could find his blinking Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan honorary annual membership card. (The last club that allowed him in was the Dennis the Menace Fan Club, and he had to pay for that. But he digresses.)

Today was one of those latter days Our Man wishes he was at the FCCJ's lunch shindig to hear an undercover journalist pitching his book about the corrupt work practices of the TEPCO thugs who "manage" the Fukushima plant and the yakuza thugs who line up workers willing to die for a decent wage.

Our Man urges you to read the tweets written at the press conference by @Nictos and archived here by the mysterious Tokyo Outsider. Seems our hero journo, Tomohiko Suzuki, worked undercover at the Fukushima plant until his cover was blown from taking notes during company meetings (the fool!). There are lots of salacious details and broader points that you really should read - such as the "we're all in it together" narrative of 3/11 being exposed for the bullshit that it is, but Our Man would just like to add his two-yen...

The claims of official foot-dragging and turning a blind eye to ensuring workers are kept ignorant enough to endanger their own lives strike Our Man as entirely believable and consistent with his own experiences of covering the Vertac plant that was tasked with incinerating 30,000 drums of Agent Orange in Jacksonville, Arkansas, back when Our Man was a cub reporter in the '90s.

What does it all mean? Our Man, as usual, hasn't the foggiest. But he would just like to remind folk as they ching their microwaves, recharge their iphones or, ahem, read spurious blog posts: all this electricity comes at a price. A hell of a price.

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