Thursday, 22 December 2011


Keen followers of Our Man know he is a Chizzit.

The term, coined by seaside merchants sick of stingy daytrippers from Our Man's hometown forever asking "How much is it?", sprang to mind on the news that the Japanese government (the folk who levy taxes on Our Man) is going to buy a couple of F-35 fighters. Forty-two to be exact. At ¥9,900,000,000 each. That's, er, hold on Our Man's calculator can't handle all the zeros... just under ¥420,000,000,000. And that's excluding maintenance and printer cartridges, which Our Man knows from bitter experience add a couple of zeros onto the price.

But the reviews are in: US Ambassador Roos says it's a best buy (although he never got round to buying any Quakebooks for his embassy, by the way):

God bless interoperability. The link goes to a US Defense Department news release in which the Canadian Defense Minister (???) says the aircraft's capability is "eye-watering". As is the bill, which even the Japan Probe, self-appointed lapdog of the Japanese establishment, lets slip "is very expensive."

And the cost might be more, according to the Japan Times, seeing as the plane doesn't actually work yet. And it's invisible. But Our Man swears he saw a picture of it in the JT. Anyway, we can trust Lockheed, they've got  such a glowing history.

Eye-watering indeed.


F. said...

since it is invisible, why even worry?

LG said...

Its somewhere in the region of 31,000 Zeros (A6M) adjusting for US inflation levels.

Our Man in Abiko said...

Ah. OK F and LG.