Thursday, 15 December 2011


That pesky earthquake has changed everything. And nothing, of course.

Our Man misses the halcyon pre-quake days when he could wax lyrical about the ineptitudities of the higher ups, you know, Japanese pols billing taxpayers for bullet train tickets so they can go shag their mistresses for free; fiery Yomiuri Shimbun editorials about the desperate need for more panels, committees and ad hoc panel committees.

But in the dog days of 2011, Our Man's lost his funny bone. There's plenty of nonsense for sure in the strange post-quake Abiko. But the rounds of digging up the schoolyard to bury the radioactive topsoil under the regular soil, while absurd, are not that funny when Our Man knows it's his daughters' playground.

And Our Man is tired. Tired of suggesting that nuclear power is far too dangerous thing to allow the libidinous octogenarians who constitute the higher-ups of Japan to manage; and then getting shouted down by the nuke-heads on twitter that whatever latest radioactive sea water, contaminated rice, beef or baby milk formula is only as radioactive as one banana. Or two bananas. Or three.

And the worst of it is, they are right. But Our Man isn't keen on bananas.

So, Our Man read this opinion piece on the Japanese government funneling billions of yen of quake relief into protecting the whaling fleet, and he just thought, has everything changed? Has it?

Because the view from Our Man's bunker is nothing has.

Anyway, enjoy the purrrty music while you can.


sensevisual said...

"nuclear power is far too dangerous thing to allow the libidinous octogenarians who constitute the higher-ups of Japan to manage"

you could use the exactly same argument to defend LESS government supervision on TEPCO and other corporations.

Our Man in Abiko said...

You could indeed. You could baste yourself with olive oil and call yourself a Christmas turkey, but Our Man wouldn't recommend it.

I'm not sure any system we've got is up to the task unless people do what it takes to make it work. As long as we keep plugging our iPhones in and microwaving our KFCs without seeing our responsibility for the mess we've made, then we really won't find a solution.. Leaving it to the free market is just a cop out, methinks.

I'll go have my banana now.