Friday, 11 November 2011


Been a while, huh? Apologies, the novel and the cover life have been taking their toll on time for the deep reflection that readers (of other blogs) have come to expect. There was also another matter that has been taking up Our Man's time these last couple of nights, and maybe you could help him out.

It's those tsunami survivors of Ishinomaki. They have survived and all have (pretty shoddy) temporary homes to see them through this winter, somehow, or their partially livable damaged homes. The need for immediate relief has, Our Man believes, past. But there is a small matter of Christmas coming up.

Specifically, Our Man's. See, he can hardly in good conscience sit around supping 7-Eleven Bordeaux watching the half dozen copies of his by then complete e-novel flying off the virtual shelves if he knows that plenty of kids are miserable this Christmas and he is in a position to do something about it. Well, he is and he will.

Our Woman in Abiko made a promise to the kids of Ishinomaki that she would return, and, by MacArthur, she will. This time bearing cakes. It's all part of a fiendish DIY Keynesian plan to support a community and blah blah blah you are not really reading this are you? Our Man will skip to the numbers:

1. Give Our Man and Our Woman some money (direct to our charity bank account or via PayPal)
2. OWIA orders cakes, cookies and shopping vouchers from two bakeries just reopened in the tsunami zone.
3. Agents Provocateurs infiltrate the tsunami zone and give them to the needy on Christmas Eve.

We help put a smile on the face of kids, we put some cash into the local economy and Our Man can enjoy his Christmas in peace, dammit.

Sound like a good idea? Go here and read more or just donate some loose change at the right of the blog.

Check out the running total here. Oh, just one other thing...

We need ¥640,000 by December 1st to order 100 cakes, 100 biscuits and 100 shopping tokens. If you are in a position to help, please do. Our Man would appreciate it. Almost as much as the people of Ishinomaki.

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