Monday, 28 November 2011


Our Man is pretty chuffed to announce that the Let Them Eat Cake fund to put Christmas cakes into the hands (and mouths) of tsunami survivors of Ishinomaki has reached and surpassed its goal of raising ¥640,000 (about $8,000?) in under three weeks. We happy few in the bunker wish to thank everyone who gave something.

The fund is now officially more or less shut. If you were going to give, but didn't pull your finger out in time, tough. Continue your vice-like grip on your pennies, there will be more chances to do the right thing. Right now, we are figuring how many cakes to order and thanks to your limitless kindness (well, some of you) we will probably get a bouncy castle as well for the kids. But you didn't come here for such life-affirming sweetness, did you?

Nahh, if you are anything like Our Man, you came here for snide potshots at the higher-ups. Well, how about this piece from Jake Adelstein on Tsuneo Watanabe - Japan's Rupert Murdoch - one of Our Man's many top-tier former bosses. Stick that in ya cake hole, Chairman.

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