Thursday, 6 October 2011


Occupy Abiko is on for this weekend. The revolution starts at noon, Sunday (weather dependent).

Our Man has no demands, but he does have a BBQ and a tent. You might ask, fellow agent provocateurs, do you have any famous lefties with books and/or movies to flog who will come out to speak and/or flog their latest book and/or movie?

That is a good question, brothers and sisters. But a better one is: Will anyone hang around long enough for the sound of a thousand stories about how the media are ignoring Occupy Abiko to saturate the media? OK, that isn't as good a question as Our Man might have hoped for. Come on, you can do better.

Or, maybe not. Can anyone get Michael Moore or Naomi Klein to explain the significance of Occupy Abiko to Our Man? You can mock, but this is the face of change.

Come to think of it, Our Man is kinda leftie (at times) and will have a book to flog soon. In fact, he has exciting news to report, comrades. Not only is he done with the first draft of his novel, code name Half-Life, but he has started work on the rewrites. Only, er, there are so many, he needs to write an overview of the rewrites before he can rewrite them. Talk about mirrors within mirrors to infinity. Or not.

What can he tell you of the novel? It will feature a hafu heroine (Half-Life - see what he did there?). At least one person dies in the course of the novel (not the editor). If you are looking for a novel featuring the Abiko library, ice skating on the TV and a shopping bicycle chase scene - this is the one you have been (and will continue to have to) wait for. It's all there baby, all there. Only problem is the book is a bit too cinematic (in a shopping bicycle kind of way), needs more details, according to Our Man's still living editor, Dan Ryan. The meat and potatoes are there, it's just lacking the side portion of alfalfa or something.

Our Man will not rest until the alfalfa is inserted where it belongs. After he's finished this blog post and occupied Abiko, obviously.

BTW, you did know you can buy a hardback English language Quakebook and have it shipped anywhere in the world for free? But what do youuuu think?*

*Our Man doesn't care, just buy the sodding book, OK? Screw hypocrisy. Just do it.


Dan Ryan said...

Yes, I am still alive, and hungry both for barbecue and more "Half Life". Have fun. Carry on.

BiggerInJapan said...

still curious to learn whether the title also has to do with the, well, you know, *other* half-life* we have been hearing so much about of late.

Our Man in Abiko said...

Well now, that would be telling, but, OK, you got me, yes.