Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Can't stay long. Our Man occupied Abiko, but Abiko was preoccupied with the daily grind. Which Our Man is, on his novel, don't you know. But it's getting there. Anyway, saw the above cartoon from here and thought of you. Carry on.


benji said...

Hey ! Nice blog ^^
Since you seem to be living in Japan, I would like to know if you or readers of this blog are interested in writing about the way you have personnally experienced the Northeastern Japan Earthquake (if you know people who have experienced the earthquake in Japan, it'd be great if you coud let him/her know about this).
Tokyo Room Finder Short Essay Contest is an online project to gather heart-warming experiences following the earthquake in Japan. We strongly believe that sharing those experiences will give people hope and revitalize Japan.
We also offer 2 tickets for Tokyo Disney Resort to each of the winners.

For more details :

Our Man in Abiko said...

Dear Mr Room Finder,

Disney tickets? Thanks, but I think the survivors of 3/11 have suffered enough.

^^ Our Man.

BiggerInJapan said...

good Agen, you had me spill my tea right there!

Lalique said...

happy to be here

flac to mp3 converter said...

This comix is so funny, I actually agree with its main sense that the majority of people had no clue what they are protesting to. Thank you for posting, that was very interesting to have a look at!