Monday, 5 September 2011


Take me to your leader

Crikey, that was quick. Is it a week into Noda's premiership yet? Seems he has a money scandal - a foreign national or two donated cash to his political campaign back in 2003 or so.

Well, "foreign national", but it was a South Korean permanent resident of Japan with a Japanese name, which is code for a Japanese person but because of having Korean parents cannot vote here, the only place he or she has ever called home.

Complicated isn't it? Well let's just call them foreigners who eat spicy, smelly food and carry on waving our little flags shall we? Sorry. Focus Our Man, focus.

So, not that scandalous, but really makes Our Man think:

1. Whoever is running this country is not doing a very good job at it.
2. Is there any pot of shit the Yomiuri won't stir?
3. Can we just replace the entire ruling elite with a ouija board or something. It would make decision-making far more democratic, efficient and, er, more betterer too.

Secret handshake to James of the Probe for the intel. And bonus points to the Yomiuri for doing its bit to stir Japanese nationalism and de-stabilise the government at the same time. Well done. You complete me.

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Anonymous said...

Jus' like the Yomiuri butt-rammed ol' Seiji Maehara on the "ornery furriner" motif...