Sunday, 4 September 2011



First Steve Jobs, then Naoto Kan (remember him? Former prime minister of a middle-ranking country in the Far East near China and Korea... oh, never mind) and now Our Man's armed silhouette.

Yes, they have all been retired from active duty. In Our Man's case, his license to lift silhouettes willy nilly from practical joke shops has been revoked. So, while iconic, his avatar was not his own and, in these oh-so-serious post-quake days, had to go.  

So, you may have seen a new face round here. That would be the excellent silhouette done by Mari Kurisato. The full effect at avatar-size though looked a little too much postage stampian (although Our Man preferred to think of it as Roman Emperoresquean), so with a little extreme cropping, Our Man came up with this cut.

The twitter reaction has been nasty, brutush and short. "Bit Hitchcockian" "It's a mashup of Hitchcock and Harry Potter. I like it."

That sounds like good company for Our Man to keep.

But you are all wrong. Look at the white, not the black, it's half a one-eyed space rabbit of course. Ohhhhhm.

Enough detail. You know Our Man never discusses matters of intelligence, and he's not about to start now.

As you were.


Anonymous said...

or this guy?

/ @toky02

@Crank_Dub said...

I like this one: Half Man Half Squid:

Our Man in Abiko said...

My brain hurts.

Armchair Asia said...

Oh sigh, you are getting like Woody Allen--not too funny anymore.

Armed you will be missed.

Our Man in Abiko said...

It's a tactical retreat. All about timing.