Monday, 26 September 2011


So, three aides to Ichiro Ozawa, the power behind the throne of Japanese politics, have been found guilty of being in the pay of a politician or something. Our Man doesn't get it. But you can be sure the papers tomorrow will be full of anti-Ozawa propaganda that will further weaken the ruling party (if they can indeed be weakened from their position of weakness).

No doubt the Yomiuri will have the answer to Japan's woes - lemme guess - a return to the status quo of 55 years of inept Liberal Democratic Rule? A nuke power station in every pot? Gee, I dunno, howabout a return to feudalism? That seemed to do the trick, so much easier than this pesky democracy lark.

If anyone thinks Ozawa is an odious toad who is the root of all evil in Japanese politics, perhaps you should read this before swallowing the spittle from the Yomiuri Ministry of Truth.

THIS JUST IN - but, according to someone who watches such things, it looks to be all over for Ozawa. Ho hum. 

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