Saturday, 9 July 2011


This is the beginning of the end of the Murdoch Empire. If you think Our Man is being overdramatic, that Murdoch always wins in the end, may Our Man respectfully suggest: You are wrong. Consider:
  1. The News of the World, the Murdoch Sunday tabloid, sister paper to the biggest selling Sun had been caught hacking into murder victims' phones and deleting messages to free space so more people could leave messages. Illegal and immoral.
  2. This is just the beginning of the damning revelations to come.
  3. Advertisers have been deserting the Murdoch tabloid in droves.
  4. News International, the Murdoch company that owns a third of the world's media, knows the damage done to their "brand" is so severe, they shut the paper. Forever.
  5. There are connections from its former editor all the way to No. 10, where he served as the Prime Minister's press secretary.
  6. People are going to serve jail time over this.
Since 1979, when the Sun plumped for Thatcher, Murdoch has decided every British General Election. But for the first time in Our Man's life, having Murdoch's support is a liability. Ask any Egyptian, the cynicism of the tyrant is not enough to beat the truth that we all know:

Murdoch's time is up.

Don't believe me? Check this Podcast out.

Secret handshake here for the video of Dennis Potter.


Toshogu said...

I hope his Fox News in America collapses. It's a joke to even call that channel a news channel.

Armchair Asia said...

I so want you to be right.

Our Man in Abiko said...

Technolgy is against Murdoch, the public has turned, the advertisers have turned, and the police are turning his prize assets into crime scenes.

There's plenty of fight left in News International yet, but I think we've called his bluff. Just a meatter of time till he folds. Or is kicked out of the casino.

datsun kildare said...

from this side of the pond,the most damning stuff was the deleting of milly dowlers voicemails and the hacking of the phones of our fallen servicemen.

the sun goes down on every empire in the end.

noone's crying over this,even right wing nutjobs like yours truly couldn't stand the way he flung himself behind New Labour.

Our Man in Abiko said...

What will be his downfall is if any mud sticks from this in America. I see his hacks were hacking into voice mails of 9-11 victims. That kinda shit won't play well, not well at all.

our man in aoto said...

thank god for the Grauniad

datsun kildare.dr. said...

from what I remember the guradian is in deep trouble too.but that's more financial in the fact that it's not widely read outside the public sector and they made huge amounts of moeny with public sector job adverts over the years.

and before I'm outed as a wingnut,may I jsut add that they offshored their profits long before it was fashionable.

man in aoto said...

Guess the UK public sector is bigger than i or anyone else imagined.
neverthteless, it is the guardian we have to thank for this story

Deep Cleaning said...

There are no things that are permanent, and if he had done something bad, he should be punished

Armchair Asia said...

I just learned that we should move to Fiji. Apparently, they kicked out Newscorps a while back. Then again, they did not have the most honorable of reasons themselves. But I bet the mojitos are grand.

Akira and Taiga said...

So will we have any newspapers left in Australia then? Virtually all main newspapers in every capital city here are owned by News Corp. Talk about the biased opinion. Lol

JJ said...

See! There is a God. This proves it! :-)

Jeffrey said...

We'll see. Until Fox News goes under in the U.S., there's nothing to get excited about.

And, oddly enough, I thought they'd ruin the WSJ and it's actually a more interesting paper than it used to be.