Sunday, 19 June 2011


Father's Day began with a bit of a shock. Seems my youngest daughter will be off kindergarten all next week because they are digging out all the topsoil from the playground and replacing it with fresh soil. Because of radiation levels. Radiation. In my daughter's playground.

Well, the figures are here. If you can understand numbers and such. And Japanese. Our Man has trouble with both so, he took advantage of a clandestine rendezvous with a nuclear physicist at an Abiko shopping mall (it was hastily arranged to hand over the geiger counter Our Man had borrowed from and Our Man interrogated Agent J (aka asked obvious questions) at the Abiko Starbucks. This is just a taste, we talked for an hour or two. Best quote that didn't get recorded: "Those on the side of reason need to be armed with data to fight fear." Something like that.

You can listen to the recorded bits of the interview in part one and part two, It will take about 20 minutes of your life. And you can hear the cafe lattes too. You will not be tested on your comprehension. But there is a cheat sheet below.

Questions are as follows (in nuclear cloud formation):

Part 1 - What the hell is a micro Sievert? 0.51 Are you familiar with the concept of radioactive daughters? 2.10 What was the previous background level? 2.40 Is that a meaningful camparison? 3.55 How does this compare with the rest of the world? 5.44 Eating bananas? 8.32

Part 2 - What's a safe level of radiation? 0.15 What are we talking about 1.15? What's a hotspot? 2.15 Who is an expert to talk about radiation? 5.05 How many people exposed to radiation are going to die? 6.40 What should we worry about? 6.50 How do we lower the fear level? 7.55 What is Safecast? 8.10 What do you want to say? 10.10

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Anonymous said...

I believe what I said was, "People on the side of reason need data to put power behind their position."

Do learn to keep better notes, agent Nabiko.

- j