Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Our Man really should be keeping a diary. It's just that stuff keeps happening and before he knows it something else has happened of even bigger import, and then what he was going to write down, if he had a diary, would have been redundant and less interesting than the thing that was going to happen in the future, and just did happen, if anyone ever looked at his diary. Which they wouldn't because it it doesn't exist. And if it did, it would be private, so there. Besides, you can't spend your life writing entries in a diary no one will ever see (that's what this blog's for - ed.)

So instead, here are a couple of bullet points that, as long as you promise not to read them, we could say are Our Man's diary.

  1. Finished work. Had a cup of instant coffee. Chatted with US Ambassador to Japan John Roos on twitter, as you do.

  2. Signed a copy of Quakebook for him and will pop that in the post with a copy bound for Cornell University, oh, and a signed one for an old university pal in Scotland.

  3. It's now even further into the future and Our Man has already sent the book to Ambassador Roos. But since you will be reading this in the real future, this too will be old news, and Mr Roos will or will not have the Quakebook in his hands, or in the gold-plated loos or wherever ambassadors do their reading.

  4. If Our Man is not mistaken, the old business class of TWA used to be called Ambassador Class. That was back in the days when folk were easily impressed by free hot towels and those air-powered headphones that played a never-ending loop of easy listening and Spanish. Did Our Man ever tell you that he once nearly peed himself waiting in a queue for the loos on a TWA flight to Atlanta? It wasn't a queue, it was a line of Muslims praying to Mecca. The space near the loos was the only one they could find to do their business. This was a long time ago though. Our Man was only nine. But he did get a hot towel handed to him on tweasers. Anyway.

  5. Have contacted British Ambassador David Warren to see if he would like a Quakebook too.

  6. Perhaps the Ambassadors could form a very exclusive book club.

  7. This, though, is very far in the future and has not happened yet, even if you are reading this several days later on your plastic loo seat, I'd wager.

  8. But if they did get together, that would be a true Ambassador Class (Gedditt?).

  9. Our Woman in Abiko also gave a Quakebook to the Deputy Mayor of Abiko (Aoki-san? Our Man has forgotten now) yesterday.

  10. Later in the future Our Man will write a post debunking yet more radiation fear and loathing in Abiko, but he thought you long-suffering readers could do with a rest from the microsieverts and stuff.

But if you want serious, independent scientific stuff on radiation in Japan, check these guys out - they are doing an open source radiation map of the whole of Japan. That's class, baby.


Craig Scanlan said...

The thought of the conundrum that encompasses Muslims praying to Mecca on a flight these days is quite an interesting image...

Our Man in Abiko said...

Yeah. Times have changed. Perhaps this was the beginnings of the atheist in me: not so much faith vs reason, but faith vs I-gotta-pee.

d kildare said...

at least they weren't cooking in the isles.that could have taken considerably longer.

Jeffrey said...

Talked to our ambassador on Twitter? And I'd previously had a high opinion of the man.