Thursday, 2 June 2011


FOR YOUR EYES ONLY (not for human consumption)...

So, Our Man returned in one piece with a NUCLEAR SUITCASE from a real gosh-darn American nuclear scientist (let's call him "Joe" because that was his name) after rendezvous-ing with him in the no man's land of Matsudo. Our Man was running late for his cover life English lesson, so "Joe" rode with him back to Abiko on the Joban Line (and had a Mega Mac Meal at the Abiko McD's) along the way he opened the above suitcase and gave Our Man the following information:
  1. Exposure levels in Abiko, Tokyo and California were about one molecule in a yard or so of air.
  2. At the highest exposure level recorded on edge of exclusion zone, 20km from Fukushima Dai Ichi Thingy Nuclear Meltdown site were 50,000 molecules in "this much air" (arms spread akimbo).
  3. There is no acute danger from exposure levels now, long-term health affects are more problematic (no one knows - still arguing about Chernobyl's effect 30 years later).
  4. Our Man is going to hang the thing christened "the bento box" out the window as he drives to Ishinimaki and back this weekend.
  5. The data will be used for scientists ("boffins" in tabloid speak) to experiment on white mice and stuff. Or not.
  6. It's all part of a voluntary global radiation mapping scientific research project thing by, which is voluntarily globally radiationally mapping things. Strangely, there's enormous interest in radiation levels in Japan at the moment.
  7. Yes, yes, you are supposed to use a Geiger counter at a stationary point, 1 meter above ground level at 25C. But that's just scientist talk for "my test tube is bigger than yours". In the field, you do what you can and figure out what it all means later.
More posts later on what readings I'm getting in my bunker tonight after I stop pointing it at stupid stuff, and why sticking it on stupid stuff gives you useless readings.


shilkytouch said...

Related question: Are you buying vegetables from Chiba/Ibaraki?

Our Man in Abiko said...

Not much of a vegetable shopper at the best of times. I haven't been avoiding them, other than spinach, which I avoid at all times no matter where it's from. You?.

rdv said...

Looking forward to seeing what your trip is like, both for its primary purpose and this one.

I'm currently in negotiations for the bike-mountable one, for the much more mundane purpose of adding Kamakura & environs to their Kanto map. If it's anything other than background here, I'll be surprised, but even having background on the record is a good thing.

datsun k said...

that looks well gucci