Saturday, 4 June 2011


As you read this, there's a good chance Our Woman, Our Man and six others will still be on the road to Ishinomaki - making our way from Abiko, departing 7:30 pm Saturday, heading west through Chiba, north through Ibaraki, cutting through Fukushima and turning west after Sendai through Miyagi towards the Pacific and, at around 3am, our destination - the tsunami devastated city of Ishinomaki.

If all goes to plan - thanks to the selfless efforts of our students, neighbours and friends - we will be rolling into Ishinomaki with a four-tonne truck laden with relief supplies gathered through the neighbourhood grapevine. Just some of the fruits of our labours:

four children's bicycles; 400 emergency rice rations; home-baked cakes; summer clothes for children; nappies; children's books; pens; a washing machine; toiletries; make-up; puncture repair kits; writing paper; backpacks; clothes for the elderly; toys; manga books; school satchels; boxes of toothpaste; baby's potty; insect repellant (and we're bringing with us an Abiko city politician too)

The idea is to distribute the goods at a free jumble "sale" in Ishinomaki from 9.30am Sunday. We aim to reach the people who the government have missed.

But there's more...

We'll be rendezvousing with three dentists Our Woman has dispatched from Abiko to give free care to tsunami survivors.


We'll be meeting up with Bikes For Japan who will be giving out 70 bicycles around the city through Sunday morning.


Yours truly will be trying his best to entertain the troops with an impromptu guitar and blues harp session (haven't they suffered enough? - ed) with Reluctant Jim to warm the crowd up for a real gosh-darn Japanese folk singer who's been on TV and everything.

You might ask...

Why the hell are you doing all this stuff, shouldn't the government be doing this? Well, yes. But if the government should be doing this, then so should we. Are we not civilised people? Are these people suffering not worthy of our help? If so, shouldn't we help them ourselves? If we can, we should.

And we will.


Because the alternative is to say that we are no better than animals, that civilisation counts for naught. Our Man doesn't believe that for a second. Now is the time to prove it. Woof woof.

Follow the mission on @freetohoku live.


jljzen said...

Good luck, captain! All of you guys going up there are an inspiration. I mean that. Wife and I were thinking of volunteering. Now, we will be doing more than thinking.


BiggerInJapan said...

our Agent rules (and rocks)!

locohama said...

A good man, our man, doing good work! Props!