Tuesday, 17 May 2011


I'm not gonna let it go to my head, honest. But, I've only gone and done a national interview on Australia Radio, er, live and everything, and I did purrrrrrty well, even managing to interrupt the hosts to get the Quakebook website address on the air. Tee hee.

But I forgot to mention Yoko Ono. Booo! Or Goken, who is publishing the darned book and everything.

And yes, I am a media whore, but for a purpose: I'm just trying to sell books to help relieve suffering. It's purrrrrrty simple to me, but I've always found it easy to reconcile selling out to do good. The difficult part is doing the right thing just because.

I'm working on it. And I'm gonna enlist some help. Maybe someone with a little pull in the world, someone like Steve Jobs. If he's up for it.

Anyway, while I decipher what the hell I thought I meant in the previous paragraph, click here for the Australia podcast. Tip: Move the cursor to the middle, my bit is in the second half.

CNN comes calling at 7:30 am, Wednesday, Abiko Sentral Standard time (ASS time) if you can make it.


Anonymous said...

nice work ourmani.genuinely touching at times.

datsun kildare said...

that was me ourmani for got mname.

wonder if we'll ever go back to the carefree days when your main job was keeping the loons in the tramlines.have things changed forever?

it feels like they have.and it's not a bad thing.

Our Man in Abiko said...

The earthquake didn't get me, but Quakebook has eaten me whole. Normal service might never be resumed, but something like it may be. At the moment got so much riding on Quakebook, can't justify blowing hours on this blog. Having said that, I do feel a blog post coming on...

Jeffrey said...

Wouldn't worry too much about leaving out Yoko. Far as I'm concerned, she's managed to make her 15-minutes last about forty years.