Friday, 30 April 2010

Off for a bigot, er, bit

Our Man is taking a well-earned rest from his half-baked internetin, tweetin and such to "spend some quality time with his family" er, in a tent somewhere in the wilds of Ibaraki, wherever that is (lucky family - ed.) and he may even have some time to spend writing his novel instead of tweeting about writing it.

He may be back in time to live tweet the UK election, if he remembers. In the meantime, may Our Man recommend the usual suspects down the right hand side of this chip-wrapper of a blog for your titillation and a couple of other beauties that he really should make an honest woman of one of these days:

Policomix for all your instant satire needs.
The new-look wordpress
Epsilon gamma gamma sigma or something for all you smart Japano-politico-folk but with too short an attention span to fathom Master Tobias.
Should you wonder at the odd electoral news coming out of Blighty, and fancy making a few bob at the electoral races, check in with
Political Betting (yes, Brits are that cynical). Just remember, the bookie always wins in the long run.

OK, everyone else has linked to it, so Our Man will too, because Jon Stewart is just too spot on.

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