Monday, 12 April 2010

Death of (another) Reuters journalist and (another) half-arsed Schlesinger response

Another day, another Reuters journalist shot dead by soldiers, another bland PR statement from David Schlesinger, the Reuters editor-in-chief talking about war being a dangerous thing and all. Well, no shit Sherlock. Let's see, what's the score so far? Four dead Reuters reporters at the hands of US troops, now one from Thai squadies. Yeah, I bet the editor is pissed off and ready to blow. Mess with my staff, you mess with me, sunshine!

I am dreadfully saddened to have lost our colleague Hiro Muramoto in the Bangkok clashes. Journalism can be a terribly dangerous profession as those who try to tell the world the story thrust themselves in the center of the action. The entire Reuters family will mourn this tragedy.

Dunno about you, but if I were the wife who got the 2am call that her husband, the father of her two young children, had been shot dead, I'd prefer something a little more heartfelt.

Our Man understands that Mr S. is used to watching his words for legal reasons (who's gonna sue him? The grunts? The Thais? They shoot people they don't like). But frankly, when a good bloke like Muramoto, 43, is gunned down, it's time to say fuck the lawyers,

we won't stop until his killers are exposed.

Mind you, Our David's got prior. His response to the US massacre of civilians, including two Reuters journos in Iraq caught on film here*, was "lessons must be learned."


Our Man left a comment of what lesson he thought Schlesinger and any journos with any integrity left at Reuters might learn on the great man's blog right here (though at time of going to press, it was still awaiting moderation). Feel free to add your thoughts too, dear readers.

Hiro Muramoto (1966-2010) Rest in Peace.

David Schlesinger (1960- ) Pull Your Finger Out.

*Oh dear. It appears wikileaks and the collateral murder sites are down, now where can we go for journalism with balls? Reuters? Hah! Oh, howabout here:

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