Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Futenma solution: Uncle Sam, call their bluff

Our Man has been looking at some SERIOUS stuff regarding the Futenma Flap (basically the Okinawans don't want the US Marines on their turf - or so Our Man thought) when it dawned on him that the whole problem is just that with all the different options of where to put the Marines(keep em in the city centre near all the go-go bars, floating them around half at sea, or dangled from two elephants balancing on a giant turtle - Our Man's preferred option) the local pork-lovin' pols don't know which option will bleed Uncle Sam dry the fastest, so are playing hard ball hoping for a bigger payoff.

Well, if Our Man gave a shit (which he doesn't) he'd advise the US to call Okinawa's bluff.

You don't want us here? OK, we'll take our multi-gazillion-buck business elsewhere.

Then see how fast they'd come crawling back. Or not. But, like Our Man says, he doesn't really care. And let's face it, neither does anyone else, really.

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