Monday, 27 July 2009

Japan fetishist pillow love: THE TRUTH!

Tee hee. Seems the New York Times has ruffled a few feathers with this fun article, about some loser who is in love with a pillowcase that has a pic of a busty anime character on it. The loser's feathers aren't ruffled, who presumably wanted to tell the world of his love, no it's the Japan explainers (of whom Our Man is a modest example) who have had their stuffing knocked out. Just how endemic is this loser's fetish? Probably not much, Our Man would venture, as he has a very straight-forward relationship with his pillow (ie none), as do all right-thinking Abikans. The equally straight-thinking folk at Mutant Frog ripped the article to shreds here. Our Man would just caution though, it's no less freaky than the anime character love-in over at Danny Choo, probably the most popular Japan blog, ever. Perhaps we should all just sleep on it, eh readers?


Motsamai said...

Grin. Yes, indeed, many knickers in a knot and pillows in a ... Sorry. My alliterative ability has forsaken me. Maybe there's a future in pillow production for all those work-obsessed old-timers.

PS: What is a South African Red? Wine or Communist?

Our Man in Abiko said...

Funny what obsessions folk have. Our Man has known grown men who have model train networks running through their house. The story of the pillow-fancier follows the well-trod tabloid formula: News= Ordinary people doing extraordinary things/ extraordinary people doing ordinary things.

My South African Red told me so.