Sunday, 15 March 2009

Taro's Top Ten keep fit tips for seniors

10. Drink plenty of liquids! 
9. Remember, you're too old to follow a Diet (geddditt????)
8. Take the odd foreign trip, no matter how short or pointless, you deserve it!
7. Careful with the cough syrup, you don't want to have too much now.
6. Be careful with other people's money, you wouldn't want to waste it
5. Don't wear sandals, flip flops are unbecoming of seniors!
4. Black hair is the new gray!
3. Where was I?
2. If folk think you're lost and disorientated, just tell them "I run the country, I do" this will put them at ease!
1. It's never a bad time for a micro-sleep!

Inspiration and pic from here.


datsun k,dr of medicine said...

has he been on the piss again?

Our Man in Abiko said...

No more than usual. No, our illustrious leader has appeared a bit knackered in public, prompting him to reveal his fitness routine. Actually, the point of the post was to encourage the folk at Reuters to improve their blogging (check out the "inspiration and pic from here" link in the post above, but no doubt will fall on deaf ears.

datsun k said...

'“I used to be mistaken for a disoriented old man wandering around while I took a walk in the morning,” '
loved that phrase.used to?lol

dk said...

naturally left some fox pee on the boundary with reuters