Friday, 25 December 2015

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Sign up, drop down. Or somgheting

Our Man knows it is traditional at Chrudmas to flog whatever rubbish the marketing dept has alert over and that  sell sell eslell tis the reason for the season. So here ya go. All dressed u p and nowhere tp go. THIS WAS HOUR MAN'S FIRST NOVLE. NPW YOU CAN GET IT FOR FREE. LCIKC HERE AND there is salsa a funny short story throwjn in too, I am nor oa Foreingnvn.

AKA, a free couple of biooks for you. Merry Christmas. Honto ni.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

'Something must be done'

Our Man's thoughts on Hilary Benn’s speech in favour of Britain bombing Syria, not that you probably care, but Our Man cut and paste them here to get them straight in his mind if no one else's...

It was a coherent speech, but the substance boiled down to: action, while not perfect, is better than inaction. Islamic fundamentalists are fascists, we are anti-fascist, therefore we must do something. This, I think, we can all agree on.

The problem is the efficacy of air strikes. For all the talk of 1930s parallels, a more apt one would be Vietnam where France, then US, had much more skin in the game and relied on air power in a doomed attempt to prove you could bomb a country to peace. You can't, by definition.

The honest truth is I'm not sure the best course of action. But to use another example in the news, bombing because we have a need to prove we are "doing something" is like fighting the mass shootings afflicting America by shooting the neighbours of the crazed gunmen. "Well, it's not very effective, but it's something" turns out to be worse than a flimsy argument, and actually would be exactly what we're trying to stop.

In closing, my right honorable friends, it is relatively easy to talk the talk, but just because action is needed doesn't mean this is the right walk to walk. Case not proven, imho.

I wish we we would approach terrorism as international crime rather than acts of war. Terrorists are criminal scum. Fight them as such, don't give them what they want which is the elevated status of being enemies powerful enough to change the course of history, which is what oratory like Hilary Benn's confers on them. That plays into their hands and makes us pawns in their game. Not a sensible thing for statesmen to do.

Just my two penneth.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

I am not a foreigner

Our Man is not dead, but he is on life support.

The action has moved on to fresher fields, and yet he is still here. If he were a more religious man he would say -- unto thee --"Keep the faith!"

But he's not.

He's quite the rationalist. You can find him on twitter @ourmaninabiko, where he still guffaws at the usual bollocks that passes for political thought and journalistic integrity, but he's shifted his attention to writing stuff he hopes will outlive blogging, tweeting and instawhatevering. Sure, he's not there yet, but if you want to join him on that journey (or at least throw popcorn and half-empty beer cans from the bleachers at him) sign up for the newsletter right bloody here and you'll get a free humorous short story called "I am not a foreigner" in your inbox that is everything Our Man wanted to say but never had the virtual balls to write before.

Our Man will be blogging again, but if (window-licker of an oddball that you are) you miss him, click on that link and you won't be (very) disappointed until we meet again.

Carry on.